About My Practice

I am an independent attorney serving all of New York and California. I created my practice in 2011 dedicated to providing a high level of legal expertise at a fraction of the cost of other attorneys. How do I plan to accomplish this feat?

Utilize Technology to create an extraordinarily effective, low-overhead virtual office.

If you are a business operating in the Silicon Valley, you have probably already grasped this principle. Technology is revolutionizing the way people access information, services, and each other. So why do all lawyer commercials still take place in front of a bookcase filled with that same selection of Impressive Brown Legal Books? I don’t know. I’m going to use my computer. If you want to pay your share of your lawyer’s shiny building, marble statues and Impressive Brown Legal Books, that’s your prerogative. They might have really refined tastes.

Connect with clients faster, cheaper, more often, and more conveniently than my competitors.

I will utilize the full range of 21st century communication options to cheaply and effectively connect with clients. I can be reached with equal ease via telephone, email, live chat, or videoconference. I can also communicate items of interest to my clients via a number of social media outlets to keep them updated and informed on the newest legal developments.

Or, I can meet you. In person. In real life. I will come to you. If you have an office, we can meet there. If you don’t like any of your own options, I’ll find someplace that is convenient for you. My convenience is not your problem.

Deal with me.

Don’t call my people. They don’t exist, so you don’t have to pay for them. Contact me whichever way is best for you. I will respond. The number one complaint of legal clients is that their attorney is unavailable and fails to respond to client communications in a timely fashion. I promise that I won’t be that guy.

Even better, when you hire me to do legal work, I will do your legal work. Not an associate who was handed the “assignment.” Your legal issues are not an assignment. Often, they are matters of the most vital importance to you or your business. I understand this. I act accordingly.

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